Automatic compost machine supports urban sanitation

Automatic Rotary Kiln ARK 1000L
Decomposition Process
Automatic Compost Machine
Automatic Rotary Kiln ( ARK-1000L) Biophoskko® with the dimension ( height= 180 cm, width= 165 cm, length= 280 cm) made of metal, fiber, reducer, terminal outlet for motor 1 phase or 3 phase, terminal outlet for electric fan, electric discharge valve 2 pcs, temperature sensors, control panel, and others aeration tools. The ARK-1000L is a perfect solution to process the various types of organic material into compost, which is material to the character or humus soil, which is very important in restoring the material cycle in the ecosystem.

Various types of organic material that can be processed in this machine is all waste material derived from living things such as household garbage ( foodwaste, feces, urine, litter the yard) and agricultural wastes ( crop residues, twigs and small wood, sawdust, wood chips) , livestock waste ( manure, residual forage, feed waste, animal meat and fish) and other human activity waste material. Organic trash categories ( degradable material) including food remnants, paper, residu of fish bone, fruit peel, pieces of vegetables, etc) .
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ARK-1000L have garbage and other organic material reducing ability is only in 5-6 days. The reaction that process will finish and the moment, and can be enhanced again with additional garbage and other organic material.

Convert organic trashes into something usefull, which is compost- that' ll usefull to maintenance the fertile of the soil and as nutrient supllier to the plants around the environments like the public' s resident, hotel, restaurant, public' s environment, etc. Compost can also sells commercially to farmers, garden owners, to everyone who has hobbies in gardening, plantation, hobbies in florish, and gardening.

Simple and easy to apply, just prepare trashes or organic material 3 m³ ( 3 meter cubic) or equal about 1 tons weight. First, trash or other organic material must be cut into small pieces ( about 10-15 mm) using knives or chopper machine. Put it directly into composter ARK Rotary Klin. In different container prepare 1 kg ( 0.1 % from organic trash materials weight ) the Green Phoskko® Compost Activator, add molases or sugarcane for 9 spoons and mixed it flat and keep for 2-4 hours. After it blend, pour Green Phoskko® Compost Activator liquid in to the pile of organic trashes within the composter.

Till the day 3rd to 5th the decomposition process took places- along with symptoms: Kiln got heated/ hot, ( up to 70 degree celcius) , a steam comes up, the machine automatic the aeration each time the temperature more than 55 degree celcius. At the day 5th - 7th if the temperature below 30 degree celcius or it has considered cool, door electrical faucet for discharge will open automatically. After the liquid from the aerobic process out of all, further put out the compost from the composter and keep at the cool places and keep it covered with the sack package ( PE) for cooling it down and can be put in the bulk and placed it in the cool around. Within a few days later ( 7 days) , compost substances will dried up and loose. Sieve it till separate the ( micro) slip off granule mess 10 mm with the big substances. Put it the piled up of micro granule into packaging that has planned, or used directly for your plantation' s )

This machine tool has the specification:

1. Can run automatically rotate scheduled as needed in the manufacture of compost, which is every morning, afternoon and evening.

2. Opening and closing the valve to release liquid organic fertilizer on day -5 ( could be set back upon request) .

3. Electric fan can turn on automatically if the temperature in the composter is higher than the bacteria need to do the decomposition of organic material.

The findings of this automatic compost machine will also support efforts to improve sanitation for cities and at the same time in the development of organic agriculture**)


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Green Phoskko® (GP-3) Compost (5 kg)

Green Phoskko® (GP-3) Compost (5 kg)
Green Phoskko® ( GP- 3 ) Compost ( 5 kg ) is the first quality compost with the content such as: NPK < 1.5% , C / N ratio < 20 %, moisture max 45 %, the content of Cr , Pb , Cu and Zn > 50 ppm combined with bacterial additive binding of N and P in amounts sufficient for solving the interests of colloidal bonding with other chemical nutrients in the soil. Form / appearance of products typically used for lawn or landscape plants, vegetable plants, food crops or plantation crops .

Methane Biogas Purifier MP 24150

Methane Biogas Purifier MP 24150
(biogas purifier) ​​is intended for the effort to raise thermal efficiency of biogas, to be more qualified in its use as fuel in power generation (generator sets), substitute the more expensive premium gasoline and a source of energy to run electrical devices such modifications biogas lamps, cookers rice (rice cooker) biogas and other electronic devices. Purifiers biogas (methane purifier 24 150) made of stainless steel tubes, diameter 24 inch (30 cm) with a height of 150 cm, has a cylindrical medium (containing absorbent pellets 25 kg), has the strength to withstand the pressure of more than 10.5 bar, and a capacity purify the flow of up to 40 m3 / day of biogas digester generating results. This tool serves as a trapper (absorbers) of carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and water (H2O) to increase the composition of the total content of methane in the biogas.

Electric Composter from Recycled Washing Machine

Electric Composter from Recycled Washing Machine
Electric Composter (Matic) Biophoskko ® KE-100L created to fulfill the wishes of the pehobies plants, flowers and environmentalists - who have a passion, concern and desire independently processed organic waste (ie, material derived from living plants, animals and humans) in order obtain compos. PLT Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) KE-100L Electrical Composter This is = 55 cm x 55 cm x 85 cm (can be loaded 90 Units / Container 20 feet).

Biogas Electrical Machine BG 5000W

Biogas Electrical Machine BG 5000W
With the presence of BD installation and BG 7000 L 5000 watts, the owner of organic waste (restaurant, hotel food Beverages, ranchers, restaurants, residential, commercial area malls and factory) do not need to buy premium gasoline / diesel or electricity to pay for the acquisition of power to 5000 W (more than 5 hours per day), equivalent to 25 KWH (kilo wattt hour) per day. Detail BG 5000 W Spesifikacation : Rated Power: 4.0 KVA Maximum Power: 4.5 KVA Phase/Voltage: Single/220 V/50 Hz Engine Model: GX340K1 Engine Type: OHV 25º Tilt Single Cylinder,4 Stroke,Forced Air Cooled Displacement: 337 cm³ Ignition System: Transistorized Magneto Starting System: Recoil Fuel Type: Biogas methane (CH4 > 80%) Oil Alert System: Available A/C Protector: Available DC Output: 12 V-8.3 A Voltage Regulation System: AVR Voltmeter: Available Sound Level [7 meter] : 70 dB(A) N.W./G.W. : 82/85 Kg Standard Accessories: Fuel Gauge|Large Fuel Tank|Large-capacity Air Cleaner

RKE-1000L [ Electric Rotary Kiln]

RKE-1000L [ Electric Rotary Kiln]
Biophosko® Composter (Rotary Klin RKE-1000L) with the dimensions [height= 180 cm, width= 165 cm, length= 280 cm and 750 kg weight] made of metal and fiber resin, motor engine 3 House Power (HP) and others aeration tools. Biophosko® Rotary Klin Type RKE-1000L is a perfect solution to overcome communal trash problem at the city that dominated by organic trash such as traditional market trash, restaurant, hotel, and also domestic's trash that comes from households.